A dynamic new progress feedback system to help therapists and their patients improve treatment outcomes

Optimising Patient Recovery

AiOracle is a new dynamic progress feedback system that enables therapists to assess and improve how their patients are responding to treatment for all types of anxiety and depression (including PTSD, etc). 

AiOracle analyses changes in the symptoms and progress of each patient, calculates the probability of recovery and whether the patient is on track to recover, and then provides detailed feedback and recommendations to the therapist. Research has shown that therapists using Measurement Based Care, and discussing it with their patients, improve patient recovery and overall treatment outcomes. Recent research has shown that AiOracle is the most advanced and accurate prediction application.


There have been three generations of Measurement Based Care. The first generation used scores of symptom severity (e.g. depression level using PHQ9, anxiety level using GAD7) and presented them to therapists. The second generation analysed thousands of patients and created a statistical ‘journey’ of all the patients who started with similar baseline scores. Each session it compared the current scores of the patient with the statistics of similar patients, and provided additional feedback to the therapist – whether the patient was on track to recover or was not on track to recover (by comparison to patients who started at the same baseline score.)

AiOracle is pioneering the third generation of Measurement Based Care. In addition to the calculation and feedback of the second generation it also calculates each session (using AI and machine learning) what is the probability that the patient will recover at the end of the planned therapy, taking into account all the previous scores of these patients (and the scores of many thousands of similar patients, who started at the same baseline and recovered or did not recover at the end of their therapy). 

AiOracle enables therapists to find, at an early stage of the therapy, if the patient is not progressing and responding properly to the therapy process and there is a risk that the patient will not recover. This will give them the opportunity to discuss with the patient what may be the barrier to their progress within therapy, and what can be changed to improve the likelihood that the patient will recover over the course of therapy.   

AiOracle can be used to support step 2 and step 3 interventions in IAPT services (including low-intensity and high-intensity therapy). It is currently accessible to therapists participating in a field trial led by the University of Sheffield, UK, and RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust. Further information about this study can be found via the Information tab above. 

AiOracle is designed to be adapted to different providers of psychological therapy.